Etiquette & Ethos

We’re very proud of our club etiquette and ethos, as we believe the mutual respect

and support our members offer each other, is pretty special.

All members, upon joining the club agree to abide by The Business Coffee Club Etiquette:

Mission Statement

To be a safe and confidential space for fellow members to discuss business strategy with their peers

To be friendly, professional and to actively embrace diversity and inclusion for every member

To provide small to medium sized businesses a variety of opinions and experience from peers across all industries

To work towards creating innovative and dynamic business strategies that all members can benefit from in their own environments

Chatham House Rule

Chatham House Rule / noun / BRITISH
plural noun: Chatham House Rules
“A rule or principle according to which information disclosed during a meeting may be reported by those present, but the source of that information may not be explicitly or implicitly identified”

One of the great benefits from your membership is likely to be interesting, topical, and lively debate and conversation.  We are sure you’ll want to use this information (something we encourage), to blog, discuss and use the examples you hear.  However everything that is discussed within any of The Business Coffee Club forums, workshops events or programmes is confidential.  Any identifying details of such examples and conversation are not to be shared outside of the club (Incl. Names, Companies, Clients, or any information to which the source could be found).  If you discuss something confidentially with a fellow member, then this needs to stay exactly this and not discussed with other members.  This is one of the most important rules we ask you to adhere to as it is the foundation stone of the entire club principles and something we have zero tolerance for.  Anyone found to have broken this rule will be dealt with appropriately and will most likely have their membership revoked.


At The Business Coffee Club, all opinions are valid and should be treated equally and with respect.  If you see something that you have an opposing opinion to, we welcome your comments but they MUST be respectful, of a friendly and respectful tone and constructive.  The club has a zero tolerance approach to bullying, persistantly rude or prejudice behaviour of any kind.

No Selling, Self Promotion or Recruitment

We understand that a welcome result of your membership is likely to be new business relationships and referrals, but this is something we feel strongly should happen naturally.  We operate a ‘No Direct Selling, Self Promotion or Recruitment’ rule which ensures there is no pressure to stand up and sell or to network, this also ensures our meetings are concise, and are focussed on useful and quality conversation. Members join to learn, to share, to develop and to help shape strategies of the future, not to be sold to or recruited.

If you want to know more about what someone does or detail on their background, then our Members Directory is the perfect tool for this.  We have no lock out – everyone is welcome, regardless of their position, industry or background.  With this in mind, if you are currently representing a MLM or Network Marketing business then it is unlikely to be the club for you.

You are welcome to contact us if you have an offer that you would like to share exclusively with members, we will ensure they are included in the member resources area of the website.  Any blanket messages to members contravenes our rules and will be treated as such.

Social Forums

Posts on our Social Forums may require administrator approval, and so please be patient when posting to the groups as we will endeavour to review them as quickly as possible.  As above, all club rules extend to the social forums and if a member is found to share / screen shot posts or to violate our confidentiality rules in any way they will be asked to leave the club.  If you would prefer to post anonymously to the group, you can of course do that by simply messaging one of the admin team directly or alternatively you can use the contact form on the website to send us your challenge.  We will ensure all identifying information is removed from your message.

Complaints or Questions

As a club, we describe ourselves as a collective of like minded people who have come together for a common interest or goals.  Occasionally, as with all humans not everyone takes the time to read the rules or to abide by them.  We want to ensure that all members are treated fairly and that all members have a voice.  If you have any concerns / questions or complaints about the club or one of its members we encourage you to please contact us as soon as possible so we can try and resolve.